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ACO/DCO Retirement
Posted Tuesday, March 8, 2022

with animal cruelty cases where hoards of cats were left in deplorable conditions on more than one occasion in Clarkstown.  In those instances, the HVHS, the health department and Pat all worked together to remove the animals to safety.  Stray dogs, cats, chickens, ducks (you name it!) from Clarkstown also found shelter at the HVHS thanks to Pat.


While time may be flying, I think it was during the last 12 months that Cathy McGrath retired from her position as Dog Control Officer at the Town of Ramapo.  This retirement was particiularly close to our hearts here at the HVHS because Cathy was our shelter manager at the HVHS for a numbe of years and assisted with animal cruelty cases.  Cathy's knowledge of the laws made her a valuable asset to the community.  Her penchant for German Shepherds made her keenly asware of an animal's body language and Cathy could assess and handle a situation with ease.  I recall one hoarding case in particular where an elderly president passed away leaving behind a number of cats.  Cathoy offeredd to set traps and check them every 12 hours until each cat ws removed to the care of the HVHS.  Knowing Cathy, she would not rest until each cat was safe.


Also during last year, Rich Padilla retired from his position as Animal Control Officer from teh Town of Orangetown.  Another veteran of this job in our community and when he called the HVHS it was often unique too: a kitten stuck ina a drain, a skunk in a window well, a snake on the loose, etc.  Rich's personality was charming and he had a few local residents who were regulars calling for his assistance.


Each of these wonderful people gave of themselves to the animlas and the community they served.  On behalf of everyone here at the HVHS, we extend our sincere gratitude and wish each of you continued health and happiness.  Pat, Cathy, Rich ... you are always wlecome at the HVHS and we hope you stop in and say hello.  With the utmost respect and appreciation,



AnnMarie & HVHS

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